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THE ROXX - Ironic Truth

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Product Type: Digi CD
Artist: THE ROXX
Title: Ironic Truth
Catalogue Number: RV-RX-012
Genre: Rock

25 years since THE ROXX' foundation. Two years since the last album. Two years time for Billy Itch, to be again mad enough at the world to fill another booklet with scathing irony. Which clearifies the album title IRONic TRUTH: It's about the „iron“ truth in words and music – with a subtle irony!

Tailor-made for the extrovert singer's mood is the „Metal“ frame.  Brute riffs by new guitar player Bernd Intveen, Fred Sudden's straight driving beat, and an angry bass by … ; who the hell is Chilli Beanham???

If - while bawling the catchy tunes - you missed some of THE ROXX' typical details (like the blessed pope live), or the „non-metal“ contributions of violin, bagpipe or oriental saz … listening twice to THE ROXX has never been amiss ...