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THE SEVENTH CROSS - Scorched By The Flames Of Vengeance

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Product Type: CD
Title: Scorched By The Flames Of Vengeance
Catalogue Number: CANDLE132CD
Genre: Death Metal, Metalcore

Mindblowing Death Metalcore!!
Hailing from Worcester and Birmingham UK, The Seventh Cross formed in the summer of 2004 by ex-members of such bands as The Murder Of Rosa Luxemburg and Murder One. Not enjoying the style of 'music' that they were purveying in each of their respective bands, the ex-members came together to form The Seventh Cross to play a frenetic blend of hardcore and death metal which all of them truly loved and felt passionate about.
Having developed a solid, devastating set of songs they recorded their first album entitled "Scorched By The Flames Of Vengeance" which was initially released on the Welsh Hardcore label Staunch Records before the band signed Candlelight Records In December of 2005. This saw the band take "Scorched By…" back in the studio to re-mix, re-master and re-record sections of the album for worldwide release.