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THE VARUKERS - The Damnation Of Our Species

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Product Type: 2CD
Title: The Damnation Of Our Species
Catalogue Number: CANDLE347CD
Genre: Punk

This release is a combination of 4 albums previously released by the Varukers spanning a period of 1985 up to 2008, disc 1 tracks 1-12 are taken of the bands 1985 release 'One Struggle One Fight' , it was released by the band themselves on Liberate records ,unfortunately not long after this release that the band actually split for a period of time , but in 1993 they reformed and released a 3 track ep on Wierd records called 'Nothings Changed', also recording an album for We Bite records from Germany called 'Still Bollocks Still Here',this was released around 96 this album consisted of a lot of the bands early songs rerecorded and given an updated feel, a bit of a stop gap really until the band was ready to release a brand new full length album, which came in the format of 'The Murder' album, in1999 tracks 13 to 26 disc 2 tracks 1 to 12 are taken from the Varukers 2002 release how do you sleep, originally released by the band themselves to sell on their 2002 USA tour, then licensed to Go Kart records in the USA and Captain Oi in Europe, tracks 13 to 18 is taken off the bands 6 track release 'Killing Myself to Live' in 2004 once again in support of another successful Varukers USA tour so there you have it a brief introduction to the tracks on this latest Varukers release so now its your turn buy this release turn up the volume and piss ya neighbors off.