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ULVER - A Quick Fix Of Melancholy EP

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Product Type: MCD
Artist: ULVER
Title: A Quick Fix Of Melancholy EP
Catalogue Number: TE039
Genre: Electronic, Experimental

Just having finished two movie soundtracks, with Lyckantropen Themes receiving a Norwegian Grammy nomination, ULVER's A Quick Fix of Melancholy is from the spaces inbetween. A passage over passages, reintroducing vocals to the delight of the faithful. "Vowels", a borderline operatic piece, features words by the Canadian author Christian Bök, whereas "Little Blue Bird", a nocturnal flight towards the sun, is written by the band. Trickster G.'s performance is mesmerizing and proves once again he is one of the most versatile singers across styles. Also included is a new instrumental track as well as a bonus remix of "Nattleite" from the 1995 Kveldssanger album.

In their ten years of existence ULVER have shifted far beyond common musical ground, always and elegantly taking darker shapes. The sounds here are hard to describe; something like a hospital for the dying. Chamber music for the fucked and locked-up.