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ULVER - Svidd Neger

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Product Type: CD
Artist: ULVER
Title: Svidd Neger
Catalogue Number: TRICK030
Genre: Electronic, Soundtrack

By the time of ULVER's 2002 Norwegian Grammy nomination for the soundtrack to the Swedish short film 'Lyckantropen', the group had been widely recognized by the movie industry in Norway, resulting in numerous invitations to paint the cinematic canvas with their music. 'Svidd Neger' was the first million-dollar project sponsored by the new Norwegian Film Fund under the direction of Erlend Loe, a best-selling author and notorious polemic figure in the fatherland. It is Ulver's first full feature film score; and probably not not the last. Both screenplay writer and director insisted on the peripheral power of Ulver for music to their borderline cinema. The soundtrack CD is a crystal selection from Ulver's filthy and fragmented body for the film, reworked and compiled. More elaborate than its predecessor, it is built on extensive layers of symphonic, ambient and electronic paranoia.