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Product Type: CD
Title: In The Red
Catalogue Number: risecd55
Genre: Doom Metal

“It’s like Melvins meets Darkthrone in a Brooklyn bar under a full moon!” (Mike Patton).

If you put "season of séance, science of séance" (the bands debut album) in terms of color, it would be black and silver: monochrome. A cold steel foundation if you will. That would make Unearthly Trance's second album absolutely on fire and 'in the red'. After holding down the fort as one the most immovable structures in NYC post 9/11. Lipynsky, Verni and Newman have been leaving behind carnage and decadence that already has the underground telling tales. Known to record in very few takes in the studio, this new record takes the listener on as if they are challenging them with absolute confidence. Recorded at Volume Studios in Chicago, Sanford Parker absolutely nailed capturing of the 'raw power" of an occult rock band in its finest form yet. ; A well-oiled machine blasting out of the speakers. The point this time around: boiling blood, no mercy, fearless experiments: monstrous sounds out of a classic 3 piece formation. Like Nikola Tesla in the form of a Doom band in the Lab. (ha-ha) Explosions of mind-fucking noise guitars, harsh yet clear soaring vocals, and the thickest bulldozer rhythm section you can imagine. Although the record still has UT's trademark elasticating doom riffs, its now crossbred with a certain noise/rock sense-ability. UT now seem to be more focused on overloading tones and then blasted the notes into machines of nightmarish physicality's.