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VACANT STARE - Vindication

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Product Type: CD
Title: Vindication
Catalogue Number: COP020
Genre: Hard Rock, Metal

Vindication is quite frankly massive. Encapsulating far, far more than the band?s early material, it effortlessly hurdles the nu-metal genre, and plums for something far more diverse. Sure, the guitars are as slab heavy as failed weight watchers stagediving from a multi-storey carpark, but there is subtlety and depth to songs like 'Where I Stand' and 'Patience' that speaks of nu-age grunge and that old monster - straight up rock!

Recorded at Philia Studios, Oxon and Backstage, Ripley, between December 2001 and February 2002, the band have utilised no less than three engineers / producers. Recording was handled by Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Testament,) Martin Barbour (Capdown, Medulla Nocte) and Dave Chang (Stampin' Ground, Linea 77), while mixing was the lone responsibility of the aforementioned Mr Sneap. The result is a powerhouse of a record that finally asserts what Vacant Stare are all about.

Forget your preconceptions - listen to Vindication and find out for yourself that Vacant Stare are at the very vanguard of the rock revolution currently sweeping the globe.