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VAMPIRE MOOOSE - Serenade The Samurai

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Product Type: CD
Title: Serenade The Samurai
Catalogue Number: 3031
Genre: Death Metal, Hardcore, Jazz

With all of this in tow, Vampire Mooose brings an 11 song cornucopia of face shattering tunes titled “Serenade the Samurai”. The band brought in long time friend Brandon Manlove on guitar and sees the return of original bassist Al Carson, backed by the percussive attack of drummer Eric Baudendistel. As Pulliam put it, “we’ve matured a lot. That doesn’t mean we’ve lightened up, it just means that the heaviness of the band has been legitimized to a place where getting up on stage every night is about telling the story of Mooose. Where some bands have to make that shit up, this is our E true Hollywood story…nothing fake, nothing made up, it’s just the way it is for us.