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VOLKMAR - Wrath Of Centuries

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Product Type: CD
Title: Wrath Of Centuries
Catalogue Number: LC6249
Genre: Gothic Rock, Industrial, Metal

The follow-up to their debut "Blessed Sins" is released on German label Danse Macabre (founded by the members of DAS ICH)!

Volkmar is Ishtar {programming}, Dore' {vox, strings, programming}, Griffyn {Bass, backing vox} and Irusan {Live-Guitar}. Sharing a passion for a variety of dark & electronic music styles, merging industrial metal with gothic, we explore the dark side of medieval history, myth, legend and folklore. Our mission is to manifest the seven deadly sins through music & verse. We invite you dear guest to take a journey with us through the dark paths, beyond the moons and the suns, beyond forever, and through the gates of the eternal burning oceans of the Inferno. Let the seven deadly sins be your key into the Limbo. Our music is the vessel across the river Styx. Let us be your guide & step into the 9 circles of HELL … enjoy the ride!

Valak Dore' has played with ABOMINATOR, ANARAZEL & COVEN.

Once again Carlos Toro (LACRIMOSA, VADER) has filmed a videoclip which is also included on the CD.

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