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WARMEN - Accept The Fact

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Product Type: CD
Artist: WARMEN
Title: Accept The Fact
Catalogue Number: SPI215CD
Genre: Melodic Metal, Neoclassical, Power Metal

The third album from Warmen is here, a true delight for fans of progressive metal, or simply well-crafted hard rock for that matter. The Children of Bodom keyboardist Janne Warman has certainly upped the ante for bands playing technical metal music with his solo-albums so far, and there is no letdown on the third one either. Besides the lightning-fingered band mastermind himself, there are tons of amazing talent on display, delivered both by the permanent band members and an all-stars cast of guest personnel. The line-up that was solidified on the last album, Janne Warman (keyboards), Antti Warman (guitar, Janne’s brother!), Lauri Porra (bass), Mirka Rantanen (drums, also Tunnelvision) are now joined by Alexi Laiho, (Janne’s long standing partner in crime in you-know-where!), Marko Waara (Tunnelvision), Timo Kotipelto (Stratovarius) and as a special surprise, Jonna Kosonen of Nylon Beat, a multiplatinum-selling Finnish female pop duo – a marriage made in hard rock heaven!

Yet the album is by no means a mere parade of fancy techniques; on the contrary, the astonishing musicianship goes hand in hand with real song-writing. If you are into melodic and technical hard rock/metal such as Rainbow, Stratovarius or Artension, there is no question: Warmen deliver the goods, bringing along their unique, daring sense of arrangement. The album was recorded at Janne Warman’s own studio, The Warman Productions Studio and mixed by Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Therion, Sonata Arctica, Children of Bodom) at Finnvox Studios, for a crystal-clear, versatile metal experience.