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BARBATOS - Straight Metal War (VINYL LP Gold/Red)

Our Price: $ 37.99
Product Type: Gatefold LP
Title: Straight Metal War (VINYL LP Gold/Red)
Catalogue Number: hells lp 150
Genre: Black Metal, Punk, Thrash Metal

At long last, Japan's BARBATOS returns with their first album in nearly a decade, Straight Metal War! A prolific force on the split-release front, Straight Metal War is BARBATOS' fifth album to date in 17 years of existence. Helmed by ABIGAIL mainman Yasuyuki, BARBATOS have become cult legends in the metal underground with their uniquely filthy 'n' sleazy brand of blackened heavy metal/punk. Possessed by sex, drinks, and metal, Yasuyuki here extols the virtues of high school girls and heavy metal forces, Witching Metal and Tokyo rock 'n' roll shows, Satanik Holocausts and of course the very real Straight Metal War. It's a dozen dirty songs that are immediately memorable, remarkably varied, and whose dirtiness simply won't wash off. Stock up on ammo and enter the Straight Metal War with BARBATOS!

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