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BOZZIO LEVIN STEVENS - Black Light Syndrome

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Product Type: CD
Title: Black Light Syndrome
Catalogue Number: MAXX-9019-2
Genre: Jazz, Prog Rock

...essentially it is a perfect melding of jazz, progressive rock, ambient and just plain jamming that has anovertly '90s feel. This is best exemplified in the stunning, near 15-minute opener "The Sun Road," which highlights all the band's strengths as it begins a melodic fusion-like number and builds in intensity with thunderous percussion and brilliant guitar work that includes some eerie electric leads and fluid flamenco acoustic fills. "Duende" finds each band member playing off the other in this exotic and melodic piece.

Stevens again shines with his flowing acoustic playing. Better still is the brilliant title cut with its tougher textures and slightly Hendrix-like soloing. This really is an exceptional and original album by three musicians who seem to have a good musical empathy and may prove to be the power trio of the decade.
– Relix

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