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TONY LEVIN - Prime Cuts

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Product Type: CD
Title: Prime Cuts
Catalogue Number: MAX-1002-2
Genre: Prog Rock

Those who complain that critics categorize their music and pigeonhole their work would do well to heed the example of Tony Levin. The bassist and multi-nstrumentalist, who departed Rochester in 1970 to take on New York City and subsequently the world, is one of the rare few that lives a life of sacrifice to the creative muse-wherever it takes him. Over the last thirty-some years, that muse has lured him into recording collaborations with the major artists of our era, everyone from John Lennon to Peter Gabriel, King Crimson to Alice Cooper, T Bone Burnett to David Bowie, Tracy Chapman to The Indigo Girls.

Although nominally a bassist, Levin has transcended the bounds of that instrument. Few can equal his pursuit of excellence on projects that find him comfortable in the largest of stadiums and the smallest of clubs. Invariably Levin generates well-considered parts that are compositional and not merely rhythmically or harmonically interesting. When Tony Levin agrees to participate with an artist, witness the stellar examples in this compilation, he becomes a key actor, never part of the scenery. Always he demonstrates an abiding awareness of the traditional role of bass while challenging himself to explore the possibilities . When Tony found the Precision bass limiting, or at least inappropriate, he seized the Chapman Stick and became one of the world’s greatest exponents of the multi-stringed instrument that is tapped rather than plucked. That tapping component also figures in a Tony Levin innovation, the Funk Fingers-drumstick extensions of his fingers used to generate ultimate attack and tone. Then there is the three-string bass.

What you hear on Tony Levin Prime Cuts are six examples of his ability to inject a contemporary edge. When an artist asks Tony Levin to record, he or she knows that the music will gain a hip awareness that goes far beyond the itinerant session bassist’s stock and trade. Speaking in praise of Levin, Pete Morticelli notes that, “Tony is a special, mystical kind of guy. He is the one everyone calls when they need someone special to play bass. He’s unparalleled when it comes to reputation, credibility, and recognizeability. We were lucky to have worked with Tony on several projects that he really invested himself in: That music is on this disc.”

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