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Our Price: $ 29.99
Product Type: Digi Dualdisc CD/DVD
Title: Disobey DVD/CD
Catalogue Number: CMI139
Genre: Industrial

Limited to 2000 copies in elegant embossed DVD-digipak. "Disobey" may just be THE ultimate release of Brighter Death Now, 2 live-shows presented as a DualDisc, both recorded in Rostock 1997 (CD) and 2003 (DVD) respectively. Brighter Death Now leaves no-one untouched with brutal and destructive industrial sounds, dealing with sinister topics such as death, childabuse and confusing love as a trademark. BDN has the past few years also become one of the more chaotic, charismatic and unpredictable live-acts in the industrial scene. With a charming sense of black humour BDN changes shape from a little rascal to a moral-majority hag dressed up for sunday commandment... something which actually happened during the show in Rostock 2003. Featuring for this special occasion; Roger Karmanik and Lina B Doll (Deutsch Nepal), two beautiful iron ladies ready to manhandle you! Don't miss this DVD! In total 14 tracks, 2 hours, 4 tracks never before released - and a live action that definitely is not what to expect from this cult Death-Industrial band.