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GOBLIN - The Awakening (6CD Boxset)

Our Price: $ 79.99
Product Type: 6CD Boxset
Artist: GOBLIN
Title: The Awakening (6CD Boxset)
Catalogue Number: CASA 12 BOX
Genre: Prog Rock, Soundtrack, Symphonic Rock

An outstanding progressive rock group in their own right, Goblin's name is synonymous with the cinema of Dario Argento, the imperious director of stylised Italian horror.

For him they composed such celebrated scores as Profondo Rosso – that starred David Hemmings and which provided the group with a domestic number one hit – and the hallucinatory Suspiria, where Goblin's blend of primal rhythms, haunting celeste arpeggios and unearthly voices add immeasurably to the film's delirious sensory overload.

The full original soundtracks for both Profondo Rosso and Suspiria, along with a multitude of bonus tracks are featured in this six CD box set. The package also includes Goblin's scores for Argento's Tenebre and George Romero's also legendary, Zombi (Dawn of the Dead), along with the band's 1976 album Roller, their uncompromising psychedelic concept work, Il Fantastico Viaggio del Bagarozzo Mark and the rare non-album singles Chi? And Yell.

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